21. March 2017

About us

We are zaleo.digital

Unlike fancy advertising agencies we are not working for thousands of customers. We are working exclusively for our own projects – which are quite a few. zaleo.digital operates a number of web projects dedicated not only to different subjects but also to various target groups. But there is one thing they all have in common: Our main goal is to inform and improve the experiences of our users, which is something our team constantly works on.

Highly modern working place with historic flair

Our office is located straight in the city center – next to the Nürnberg Hauptmarkt. Surrounded by many restaurants and bars, you will find lots of diversified food. While in the summer a few beer gardens are right around the corner, our famous Christkindlesmarkt with lots of treats attracts many visitors in the winter. The next mulled wine stand is just straight out of the door.

Where we work:

What we do

We develop and operate websites, which are designed to make our users’ lives easier. We deal with complex subjects that are not always easy to understand but nevertheless have a high significance in people’s lives, as they are frequently searched on the internet. Therefore, our websites focus on subjects like insurance, construction loans, credits, current accounts and credit cards as well as mobile phone rates and contracts.

Some of our projects:

You wonder how we make money? It’s pretty easy: If a user opens an account, applies for a construction loan or gets an insurance through one of our websites, we get a commission from the supplier through an affiliate program. That way we can offer our online services for free and mostly without annoying banner ads. Our partners are banks, insurances, telecom companies and other financial service providers.

Overview of zaleo.digital:

Number of websites: 50

International websites: in 5 different countries

Office: 120 sqm, spread over 4 office rooms

Spoken foreign languages: English, French, Norwegian, Georgian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Average age of employees: between 25 and 35 with an average age of 30 years

Public transport nearby: Bus (line 36, station Weintraubengasse) and subway (line U1, station Lorenzkirche)

Restaurants nearby: 15 restaurants and bars in 5 minutes walking distance

How to find us:

You want to become a part of zaleo?

We are always looking for smart people with new ideas and a distinct sense for the internet. Check out our latest vacancies