9. November 2015


We are very proud of our many different projects, some of which we had for many years, while others have just started. Apart from big sites with thousands of visitors per day, we also have some web sites aiming at smaller target groups. Here are some of our projects:


Tarif-Testsieger.de provides comprehensive information on subjects like insurance, mortgages and telecommunication.

Our guidelines and articles help you to not only inform yourself about different kinds of insurances but also to find out which insurance benefits are important to you.

Afterwards our comparison tools help you find the right insurance rate.


Starting in 2006, testsieger-Konto.de is focused on private finances. The main products are current accounts, call money, time deposit and brokers.

We offer comprehensive product tests as well as numerous comparison tools, in order for you to find the best product.


Our special portal Darlehenszinsenaktuell.de covers the subjects of financing, e.g. credits, housing loans etc.

Detailed articles, statistics on current interest rates and comparison tools on numerous products allow the user to get information on everything concerning financing.


…and many more.


We are hiring:

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